With the weather being so hot the group decided to make a meal full of fresh and refreshing flavours. What better than a tasty Gazpacho to start with.

First the group roughly chopped the tomato, cucumber, spring onion and Garlic.

The next step was to blend the tomato, cucumber and garlic and put the mixture through a sieve so it is as smooth as possible.

The mixture then went back into the blender whilst we added a glug of olive oil and two table spoons of sherry vinegar. We then added salt and pepper and left the soup to chill in fridge.

The group also thinly sliced red and yellow peppers and some more spring onions as these will be used to garnish the soup. This will add texture to the soup and more flavour. 

 The members then served the soup….

…. and added some of the chopped peppers and some croutons made by cutting slices of bread into squares and frying them in a little vegetable oil.

The group liked how tangy and refreshing this was as a starter and thought it was perfect for a hot summer day.