Christmas Dinner

For the last Come Dine With Us session of the year, it was only right that we pull out all the stops and cook a Christmas dinner.

We first had to get the TWO turkeys in the oven straight away to get them cooking. They needed to cook for three hours so we covered them in muslin and poured melted butter over. Whilst the turkeys were cooking we basted them every half an hour or so.
Whilst the turkeys were in the oven we got on with preparing the vegetables. Peeling and chopping potatoes, parsnips, carrots and Brussels sprouts (of course!). 
We also got on with making our gravy and stuffing.
We roasted the potatoes in duck fat, we glazed the parsnips in honey and we boiled the brussel sprouts before crushing them in a dish and mixing with a bit of cream and Parmesan before cooking in the oven for 15 minutes. This is a great for people who don’t like the traditional brussel.
We set the table…

… And sat down for Christmas dinner together:

After all this food we still had room for warm mince pies and cream.
We all had a very festive day and it was a great way to finish off the year.
We wish all our members and staff who have supported us over the year a very Merry  Christmas and Happy New Year!

Rehearsals continued…

Rehearsals for the diverse Christmas carol are in full swing this evening.

First the group had a meeting to discuss our progress and to talk about the upcoming technical and dress rehearsals at the Lost Theatre. Everyone got the opportunity to ask any burning questions and we discussed costumes. 

We also discussed rules to follow during the rehearsals and the show to ensure that everyone behaves appropriately. 

Then we got straight into rehearsals practicing Bollywood and South Anerican dances.

It’s shaping up to be a great show on the 6th December so don’t forget to get your tickets at the Lost Theatre in Vauxhall or call the box office on 0207 720 6897 or buy online at


Lambeth Learning Disability Assembly

Today the cooking group catered for the launch of the Lambeth Learning Disability Assembly Forum. This is a group that has been set up to represent the people of Lambeth who have a learning disability or care for someone who does.

The cooking group were asked to produce a buffet lunch for 65 people.
The group took on this challenge and yesterday cooked lemon drizzle cake, flap jacks and caramelised onion and goats cheese tartlets ready for today.
We also prepared chicken tikka, egg & cress, tuna & sweet corn and homemade houmous to be used as fillings for sandwiches we put together today.
Today we prepared smoked cheese, salami and dill pickle open sandwiches..

.. Egg and cress sandwiches..

… Ham and tomato..
… Tuna and sweet corn…
And chicken tikka and salad wraps…

We also prepared homemade houmous    and carrot sandwiches.

We took the food to the event and presented the buffet to a hungry crowd.
The chefs were very proud of the spread they had prepared.

Everyone enjoyed the food especially the lemon drizzle cake! 

We received loads of compliments about the food which made the cooking group really happy about what they had accomplished in such a short space of time.

A Diverse Carol- The rehearsals

A Diverse Carol is going to be a journey through a variety of diverse cultures but with a Christmas twist.

One member of the group explains that ‘rehearsals are going really well and everyone is working hard to remember their parts’

 Here the group are practicing some moves inspired by Bollywood, which is just one of the cultures represented within the show.

You will also see dances inspired by African, Chinese, Spanish, Brazilian, North American and Indian cultures. This is not a show to miss!
For info on dates, times and how to get hold of tickets just check the poster below.

11 September 2014

Today we had visitors from Bzzzz Garage, Laura  Rachel and Alex, 
They are looking for community spaces to plant fruit trees

meanwhile the group keep on working
No it is not from the shop it is our harvest grown here

love care and tender looking after our baby plants and killing slugs

the never ending job of weeding

make you think
Can you spot our  little friend?

Carnival Dance

The group have been inspired by the famous carnival in Rio de Janeiro and will be performing this celebratory dance at their Christmas show.

This dance is all about group solidarity and celebrating and this can really be seen in the big, outstretched movements that the group are learning.   

The group will be performing this dance at their Christmas show on the 6th December at the Lost Theatre. We will be uploading details of how and where to get tickets soon so stay tuned for more information!