Thank You Santander

On Wednesday a few members of the group went along to Santander in Brixton where they met the branch manager and staff who presented them with a cheque to fund the club for a further year.
A few member of the group being presented with a cheque

This Friday we took the cheque along to the club to share the great news with all the other members.
The group posing for a picture with the cheque
Everyone was extremely pleased that their club will be able to continue for a further year!

Thank You Santander!!!

Picnic and Games at Brockwell Park

Feel Good Friday’s Club
This Friday we decided to celebrate the glorious weather by going to Brockwell Park to have a picnic. 
The group having their picnic
Everyone brought along some tasty food to share around. 
More pictures of the group eating their picnic food

After the picnic we all headed down to the grass to play some games, and relax in the sun. 
Parachute games in Brockwell Park
It was a really great evening with lots of jokes and giggles.

June 12th – hot, hot, hot!

Seedlings getting some fresh air after growing in the shed.
Lots more strawberries and they’re getting bigger!

Some of the seeds were only planted last week and have shot up in the sun.

The strawberry runners we moved to the top bed are enjoying their new position and it looks like we’ll have a good crop.
The group enjoyed strawberries at lunch time and took some home.

One of the group is taking some time off so brought in some goodies to share.  We had a delicious lunch.

It was very hot so we couldn’t work too long in the sun.  We had lots of cold drinks and spent some time in the shade.  The grass round the tree got a good cut!  We managed to plant out some tomatoes and dwarf French beans, and we potted on some pepper seedlings given to us by another plot holder. There was a manure delivery so we got a couple of wheelbarrow loads to improve our soil.  

Lots and lots of watering.

We were all very happy when our new parasol arrived!
The next job is tidying up the top plot!

Salmon with Red Pesto

The group made this lovely summer dish of Salmon with red pesto, green beans and baby potatoes.

First we prepared the salmon fillets by covering them with red pesto and wrapping them in silver foil ready for the oven.

We also prepared the green beans by cutting the ends off and putting them in a saucepan of water, ready to cook later.

We also par boiled some baby potatoes and finished them off in the oven to crisp them up. The salmon was cooked for about 30 mins in the oven and the green beans were cooked for a few minutes in boiling water.

Some people in the group had never tried salmon before but found out that they loved it after trying this meal. It’s great to try different foods and flavours and the group love discovering new and exciting things to cook. 

Routes to the River rehearsals

The Made2Dance crew have been selected for the Big Dance Festival performance, Routes to The River. Made 2 Dance applied to Siobhan Davies Studios and were selected along side 7 other groups and will be performing alongside 100 performers on a site specific trail from Siobhan Davies Studios, through Imperial War Museum and ending at Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank Roof Gardens.

Siobhan Davies are the host organisation for South London and have been commissioned to put on a performance for part of Big Dance Festival 2014.

We will be performing on Sunday 14th July with various performances happening through out the day. For more information please visit Big Dance Website and Siobhan Davies Website.

The group have been working on their weight barring skills and team work, by passing a wave throughout the circle and by using their weight. They have to work as a team and feel when the weight and need to change the speed and direction of the wave being passed around.


Bruschetta is a simple and tasty starter using fresh tomatoes, basil and garlic in a simple olive oil and white wine vinegar dressing on top of toasted bread.

Firstly we chopped the fresh tomatoes, basil and garlic and mixed them in a bowl. We added salt, pepper, a glug of olive oil and a sprinkling of white wine vinegar.
We then had to cut the bread into 1cm thick slices, ready to be toasted:

Having some help with the bread.

Then working independently:
We then toasted the bread and topped with the tomato and basil mixture and added a little mozzarella.

A very healthy, fresh starter, perfect for the summer!

Trip to South Bank

South Bank, London
This Friday the group decided to head down to South Bank to enjoy the sunny weather and to see some of the attractions they have to offer.  

The group at South Bank, London
We took a lovely walk along the bank stopping to watch the brilliant street performers and to grab some food from one of the café

This week we also took a vote to change the name of the club from the ‘Over 25’s Group’ to something we felt described the group a little better. It was a unanimous vote and the winner for the new name is……………………..

 ‘Feel Good Friday’s’ 

We think that this name reflects the club really well as our meet ups are all about getting together with friends, having a great time and FEELING GOOD! 

30th Anniversary of the National Volunteers’ week 2014

To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the National Volunteers weeks we would like to say a very BIG thank you to our fantastic volunteer for giving up her time to support our group. 
The Over 25’s Group volunteer
She will be taking a short break over the summer to study for her nursing exams, we would like to wish her all the best in these and look forward to seeing her again this September!

Beef Curry

Whilst searching the internet for prospective recipes the group found this recipe for a beef curry on BBC Good Food:

The group realised that we already had a lot of the spices and herbs in our cupboard so decided we should put them to use.

In a big pot we cooked the onions, garlic and beef and added in all the different spices.
We added the tin tomatoes and allowed everything to cook so all the flavours could infuse together.

It was very flavourful and all the spices worked really well with the beef. The whole group thoroughly enjoyed the curry.