Moving with the breath

There was lots of colour on show during tonight’s dance session. We started the session talking about the NYDC performance that we went to see at Sadlers Wells last Wednesday. The three main themes we took from the show was breath, spoken word and rhythm. For the next two weeks we will be looking at breath so the dancers had lots of fun with blowing and creating a colourful studio.
The young people were blowing a handful of colourful tissue paper then tried to catch them with beautiful dance moves. This showed real creation from all the young people as they all showed their individual styles.

Tonight we also did our Jack Petchey nominations – watch out next week to see who the winners is 🙂

Filming our dance for camera





Today was our final session for the summer activities dance film project. The young people worked really hard on creating their storyboards and planning how they wanted their dance film to look. They directed Owa who had supported the young people to capture their vision since the start of the project. We created a performance space within the studio by using the lighting and a smoke machine which gave the film a softer overall look. The group were split into three different groups and they each had a slotted time to perform their dance and go through their storyboard ensuring that all camera angles and movements were covered. They also took it in turns to have a look at what was being filmed and worked really hard on directing Owa.

The next step is for the young people to receive their AQA certificates and Owa will be working hard to edit their work which will then be premiered at the Lost Theatre for Rathbone annual dance showcase.





Arts Award – Our Inspiration

The group were asked to do some research about the people that have inspired them creatively. Tonight some members shared who their inspirations are and why.

This young person chose the dance group Diversity and was inspired by their talent and the positive values of the group.
The group put a lot of hard work into their research and will build on the information they have collected week by week.

Arts Award

Today the group did some work towards their Arts Award.

The group members were creating thier own action cards, which were discussed in the last blog post.
They then had to translate their actions into movements 
This work will go towards the arts award which is an accredited qualification for the creative arts. 

Dance is back!

After an intense warm up the group started learning some new choreography. The new piece focuses on floor work and working with different levels.

The group really enjoys the new choreography and one of the members explained that it feels like a good workout for the body because it exercises lots of different muscles. He also likes the floor work because it allows him to explore a different kind of dance work.
The group then started to work with action cards:
These are cards which state an action, it is then up to the dancer to interpret the action cards however they want to.
Each card is numbered and when the number is called each member of the group has to perform their version of the action.
One of the members described watching the piece as ‘different painters all painting the same portrait’.
Others found it a great way to experiment with new dance moves in an organic way.

Rehearsals continued…

Rehearsals for the diverse Christmas carol are in full swing this evening.

First the group had a meeting to discuss our progress and to talk about the upcoming technical and dress rehearsals at the Lost Theatre. Everyone got the opportunity to ask any burning questions and we discussed costumes. 

We also discussed rules to follow during the rehearsals and the show to ensure that everyone behaves appropriately. 

Then we got straight into rehearsals practicing Bollywood and South Anerican dances.

It’s shaping up to be a great show on the 6th December so don’t forget to get your tickets at the Lost Theatre in Vauxhall or call the box office on 0207 720 6897 or buy online at