Thursday 19th April – the first day of the project…

Last Thursday – 19/4/12 – was the first day of the gardening project – we’re still getting up and running so not everything (shelter during rain, raised beds) are ready, put we did have our first session where (between heavy showers) we planted a few strawberries out in the strawberry patch and painted a couple of boards for the raised beds.

Due to the rain we stayed up at the plot from 10-12, then decided the rain was too much, so we walked down to Croxted Road Garden Centre which is based under a railway arch – see the photo here;

Croxted Road Garden Centre

We then decided to head to a cafe at Herne Hill to warm up. We ended up in Steves Cafe where we discussed any ideas how we could improve the project and what we could do when it rains.

All in all, the session went well, but the rain didn’t help with any of the jobs which needed to be done on the allotment, but we got some jobs done and know where the local garden centre – and cafe – are!

Gardening project first day is on Thursday 19th April 2012!

Hi and welcome to the Rathbone Gardening Project!

We are quite excited to be beginning the project on Thursday 19th April – not everything is looking perfect on the site, but a few hours of hard work from all who attend on Thursday and it’ll be looking better in no time!

If you would like to attend the project, please give the office or Martin a call on the contact details listed on the top of the main blog page.

We’ll try to update the blog as often as we can > keep a look out for any photo’s of the site, they will be uploaded here – like the ones below:

This is how the allotment looked when Rathbone first visited in March – the view is down the hill towards east London

This is the view of the same allotment looking up towards the Peabody Estate in the background