Thursday 3rd May 2012 – Choosing seeds, clearing part of the plot

The third week down at the Rathbone Gardening Project saw light rain with a few dry spots – a nice change from the constant rain of the previous weeks.

We started this week by talking about what vegetables and plants we like, and then deciding what plants we would like to grow. A couple of members of the group have purchased their own seeds for their plots already.

We then walked down to Croxted Road Garden Centre and browsed through the seeds they had on display to find the right variety of plant, and read the information on the back of the seed packet to make sure we could plant it this year.

Then, after a cup of tea and a toilet break at the local cafe, we made our way to the plot at the top of the hill. There was no shelter from the light rain so we began to clear a space for the shelter to go.

The site of the temporary shelter being cleared
Parsnips rescued from the clearing

It took a good hour to clear the plot – we found some old carrots and some parsnips which must have been planted by the previous community group who had used the plot.


We then settled for a spot of lunch before returning to the work and eventually finishing the clearing! It looked like this when it was finished:

Finished the clearing – ready for the shelter

We then put up the shelter and sat down to plant some seeds – unfortunately, we only had time to plant a couple of tomato seeds today, hopefully next week we’ll get a chance to get all the seeds we need to plant into trays to begin germination…

The project continues on the 10th May!

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