Thursday 26th July 2012 – Frogs, beans, pea’s, pots and… poison

So, today was the day we introduced poison onto the plot. It was not a light decision, but we decided the slugs and snails had just eaten tooooooooo much of our plants.

 We go a couple of surprises when we arrived > As you can see from the photo on the left, we have our first pea! And the photo on the right shows our first beans! Good going team… Now hopefully these will be followed by more vegetables!

After looking at our plants, we ventured down to the garden centre and proceeded to buy a large pot of slug pellets, here is a link to the brand; – as you can see, it say’s it is safe to use on edible crops, and although not everyone at the allotment uses them, most do, and most people seem to be fine there…

 So. Before we applied the pellets, we decided to re-pot some of the plants we had re-grown from seed – the pumpkins, squashes, okra and pea plants.

We put some compost into pots, then made holes for the plant to rest into, before carefully transplanting the seedling and its roots into its own pot and firming the soil around it… lots of transplanting today…

Re-potted Okra…
…pumpkins and squashes…
… and pea’s!

After finishing the re-potting, and on our tidy up of the plot, we found the little fella above (can you find him?) – in the ‘pond’ (bucket underground) the last group left at the plot… he was happy to be photographed briefly… then, it was about time to leave the activity and go home.
Raised beds on 26th July 2012

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