Smiles all around :)))))

Last Thursday the group had a wonderful trip to namco which is based at County Hall on the beautiful Southbank.Namco Station offers a huge amount of entertainment over three floors!
There are 12 lanes of Techno Bowling – for which you can bowl in your own shoes! There is also the spy mission-themed Laser Maze, an exciting race against time to find the targets, dodge the lasers and get out still looking smooth. They also have a bumper cars and plenty of other games and treats and prizes to be won! We started of with a really long but great bumper car session with pumping music that got all the young people ready and rearing to go. We then followed this up with some bowling alley which flashed with neon colours and for every stike that the young person got they recieved some tokens which can be put towards an array of prizes.This was soon folowed by some races on some very high tech car, even the seats were moving and you crashed into the corners. We eneded the session a little late as the young people were having soooo much fun. As we walked along the Southbank in a beautiful orange sky we made our way back to the bus and was taken home. The young people LOVED Namco and was the first time they had ever been they said they would like to return again.So big smiles all around :))))))

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