Volunteer’s inspires our young people

Rathbone Youth Club has been running for about 30 years and over the years we have see seen our young people grow into adults. So much so that Rathbone has continued to work with those in the Over 25’s group. Rathbone has created close friendships and relationship within the youth clubs and we did not want to see disapper hence opening the over 25 group which meets on a Friday night. Rathbone also now has a Volunteer co-ordinator who works with those wanting to gain experience in various projects and setting within our organisation.For more information visit Rathbone’s website. Two of the over 25 group who both have learning disabilities expressed an interest in volunteering within a youth club seeting, both of them attended the youth club when they were much younger and have been a great asset to both the Tuesday and Thursday Youth Club teams. Through their supervisions with the Volunteer co-oridnator they expressed wanting to gain more qualifications that could boraden their volunteer expeiences and have both gained a Level 2 in food hygiene. They worked really hard on gaining this certifcate so well done!!!! This will come in useful when next term theYouth Club will be concentrating on healthy eating and cooking. Both volunteers are great role models to the young people and we hope they inspire them to take up volunteer and work experience in the near future.

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