April 2013 – Ground preparation, manure delivery, herb and potato planting… and we are 1 year old!!

 A busy April, lots to do; and the project is now 1 year old!!

Our one year old pizza lunch in the Rosendale Allotments Community Building

The main jobs were;

Prepare the ground for planting, digging over to let air and water in and to break up the soil where it had become compacted.

The eternal enemy… couch grass!

This job at times was hard work – mostly due to a majority of the site being clay, which hardens in the sun and becomes compacted and slippery in the rain, but seeing the result after the dig and a good rake was worth the effort…

We also had a manure delivery! So we spread that on the dug ground in order for the worms to drag it down and to dig it in in a few weeks…

We also built some shelves for some newly planted seeds;

Shelves in use with plants!

We also planted our potato crop...

And lastly, planting some herbs to enhance our herb garden, we purchased some sage to go with a rescued thyme plant abandoned last year by the former plot holders…

The sage plant, roots watered ready for planting…
It’s in! Sage is planted with the other herbs…

Rescued thyme plant, going to ground…
Herb garden as of April 2013

Now the warmer weather comes our way, lots to do in May…

Vegetable soup, spaghetti bolognese, Apple Strudel….

Starter – Vegetable soup
Today, we went for a mega healthy starter, with cabbage, carrots, sweetcorn, leek, aubergine >
Most members enjoyed the soup and its mix of vegetables; although, one member of the group would have liked to add swede next time, another mentioning they would like to take out the aubergine…

Preparing the vegetables for the soup…

Soup stirring and boiling

Main Meal – Spaghetti bolognese

The members enjoyed the spaghetti bolognese top, the dessert of apple strudel / crumble second, and the vegetable soup came third in the enjoyment of the food.
All members agreed they really enjoyed this meal and would not change anything about the bolognese!

Stirring the bolognese

Preparing to serve the spaghetti

A full plate of spaghetti bolognese with parmesan cheese
Empty plate! A good sign!

Dessert… Apple Strudel!

We had a lot of apples left over, so we made apple crumble also! This was preferred by some members of the group.
Some members thought the strudel was a bit dry, but this was helped by the creme fraiche!
We had a healthier version of cream; creme fraiche >

Preparing the strudel…

Thats it for this week!

1st May 2013 chilli corn carne & 8th May 2013 spring rolls

1stMay 2013

Today we followed the choices from the week before, and we cooked the following;
For starter, we had swede and parsnip soup, 

followed by a main course of chilli con carne with rice.

Finally, for desert we cooked and ate upside down pineapple cake with custard.

The soup proved to be very popular, as did the pineapple upside down cake which some members hadn’t had before, others last having it as a desert in school!
8thMay 2013

Today we cooked some oriental style food, quite Chinese based…
For starter, we had vegetable spring rolls which had beansprouts, chilli, red pepper and onion inside wrapped in filo pastry.

Our main  course was a chicken and cashew nut stir-fry with vegetables and rice. 

To finish, we had ‘apple snow’ which is egg white whisked with sugar, served with blueberries and strawberries.

With the main course one of the members would like to cook lamb with mint instead of chicken with cashew nut stir-fry.
One of the members really liked the apple snow because it tasted nice, most of the members would like to cook apple snow again.

There is a prize in it!!!!

This term we have been focusing on sports community access and finding out what is in our local area in terms of sports facilities and we found another real gem at the Black Prince Community Hub. The Rathbone group went to check out the amazing Basketball Courts, we hired the Jordon Court which is very impressive, check out their Blog which features a video.
The young people got involved straight away and were teaching the youth workers some of their tricks, spins and defending skills and certainly put them through their paces. We then had a competition of who could put the ball in the back of the net  facing backwards and two prizes were won!!!!

The group were really impressed by the facilities and all enjoyed being out in the community and exploring new sports as a group.


During the Youth Club session the young people enjoyed a spot of Netball at the new and improved Black Prince Community Hub which is owned by the Black Prince Trust, and operated by Better, both charitable social enterprises. It is based on the former Lilian Baylis school site, in Kennington, SE11. Click here for a map.

The group practiced chest passes, bounce passes, pivot turns, defending and shooting in the net. The temptation to run with the ball was very high at the beginning but I think the rules were certainly imbedded by the end of the session. The group got extremely competive once a game started to begin and each member showed their competive streak which the youth workers have not seen before which made it a highly comical and interesting match to watch.

Some of the young people also had a chance to watch some of the other sports that were taking place at the Sports Hub and enjoyed watching the 5-aside football on the two courst next to the Netball pitch.

The weather was certainly nice to us and was a lovely evening enjoyed by the young people and are looking forward to returning back to the netball court again.

practicing solos

The group started with a warm up lead by one of the members.
After everyone was warmed up they practiced there rock and roll finale, even though it needs more rehearsal it is beginning to come together as a routine. 

Each member then practiced their solo for the show, these include Dorothy, Cowardly Lion, Tin man, Scarecrow, The Wicked Witch of the West and The Wizard of OZ.

Everyone has done well getting into character and they are working extra hard on their routine .

one of our group members updating the blog

Rainbow practice makes perfect!

Made 2 Dance started today’s sessions talking about Rathbone’s annual Fun Run which will be held at Brockwell Park, Lambeth on Saturday 25th May 2013. Check our Rathbone’s website for more information, Rathbone fun run 2013 . Rathbone are looking to gain donations for more information on how to make a donation click here –  Make a donation!!!!

After finding out about the Fun Run, the group practiced their ‘Rainbow Song’ in preparation for the performance which is still being planned…
The group worked hard at staging the performance and sorting out the running order of the piece. The members experimented with different floor patterns and developed their duets.

The group are becoming more confident in performing the routine and remembering all the moves!