During the Youth Club session the young people enjoyed a spot of Netball at the new and improved Black Prince Community Hub which is owned by the Black Prince Trust, and operated by Better, both charitable social enterprises. It is based on the former Lilian Baylis school site, in Kennington, SE11. Click here for a map.

The group practiced chest passes, bounce passes, pivot turns, defending and shooting in the net. The temptation to run with the ball was very high at the beginning but I think the rules were certainly imbedded by the end of the session. The group got extremely competive once a game started to begin and each member showed their competive streak which the youth workers have not seen before which made it a highly comical and interesting match to watch.

Some of the young people also had a chance to watch some of the other sports that were taking place at the Sports Hub and enjoyed watching the 5-aside football on the two courst next to the Netball pitch.

The weather was certainly nice to us and was a lovely evening enjoyed by the young people and are looking forward to returning back to the netball court again.

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