Celebrating Black History Month with Food Pt 2

Ndengu Beans:

These are a green bean widely used in East African countries in stews and side dishes. We are using them today for a spicy stew like dish.

First we had to soak the Ndengu beans over night to soften them ready for cooking.

We then put the ndengu beans in a pan of boiling water for about an hour or until they are soft.

In the meantime dice an onion, chop garlic, fresh tomatoes and fresh coriander.

Then fry the onion and garlic adding curry powder. Once the onion has softened stir in the tomatoes and coriander. 

Once the ndengu beans are cooked add the onion, tomato and curry powder mixture to the beans.


Katogo is another East African dish using green bananas.

Firstly these were peeled and put in a pot of boiling water.

Then we chopped tomatoes and onions and put these on top of the green bananas.

We then ground up peanuts until they were a crumb like texture.

We then mixed the ground peanuts with warm water and salt and poured the mixture over the green bananas, onion and tomatoes and left this to simmer.

To make the chapatis we took plain flour and added warm water.

We added warm water until the flour began to come together in a dough.

We then worked the dough for about 15 minutes until it was smooth.

Then everyone took turns in rolling out their own Chapatis ready to be fried in a flat pan.

They were then fried for a couple of minutes each side using a small amount of oil.

We then served all these dishes together.

On the plate you can see a chapatis, Ndengu beans, Katogo and Spinach.

For many it was the first time trying these dishes and overall the group really liked it. All the flavours worked well with each other and it was great to try something new.

Once again the group would like to thank those who came and worked with us today and who shared their traditional recipes.

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