24 July – Bees, beans and buses

The gardening group were invited to help make an edible, bee-friendly garden at The Norwood Bzz garage.  We met up early at the allotment and took care of the plants, before it got too hot.

Plenty of runner beans, nice to eat raw, steamed or in a stir fry

Manure – we got 2 wheelbarrow loads.

Lots and lots of watering.
We donated some of our runner beans to the allotment food bank

Free lunch at West Norwood bus garage.

We planted rosemary, mint, rocket, tarragon, and the seedlings we brought with us

We took turns at digging a hole for a cherry tree

Then we planted the tree
Lambeth Horticultural Society gave us flower bulbs and tubers to plant.
They should come up next year.

The group took plenty of breaks in the shade and were provided with bottles of water while we worked.  Everyone enjoyed the session and we look forward to seeing the Bzz Garage in bloom, with plenty of bees in the future.

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