This week the group wanted to have a BBQ and make the most out of the beautiful weather we have been having.

First we got started on the Burgers we used lean beef mince, grated onion, crushed garlic, salt, pepper and a pinch of cinnamon.

We then mixed all the ingredients together and made them into patties:

We put the burgers in fridge before we cooked them on the BBQ:
Whilst the burgers were cooking we prepared the chicken kebabs.
We sliced chicken breast into equal sized chunks, we chopped onion, peppers and mushroom then began to assemble the kebabs.

We brushed the kebabs with a BBQ sauce to add some flavour and keep the chicken tender whilst cooking.

To accompany the burgers and kebabs we made a potato salad and a coleslaw.

For the Coleslaw we chopped white cabbage and red onion into slices and grated some carrot.

We dressed the coleslaw with a simple vinaigrette to keep the coleslaw as light and fresh as possible.

For the potato salad we boiled some baby potatoes, chopped some spring onions and chives and mixed them all together with a little mayonnaise.

Everyone enjoyed the BBQ and worked really hard to make it a wonderful day.

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