July 3rd – A shady place at last!

It was very hot so we made sure we wore suncream or were covered up.  Some of the tomato plants in the shed were looking very dried up so we took all the seedlings out into the shade and gave them lots of water.  They perked up and we planted them at the end of the session.
The soil was very dry so we watered everything at least twice
Butternut squash bud
Runnerbean flowers
There was plenty of work to be done, earthing up the potatoes.

Diluting seaweed fertilizer to feed the plants
        Our parasol is up!! Thanks to Rosendale Allotments Association and the Lottery 
        for the funding, and Sheila and Barbara’s hard work work last week putting  it up.
Our group were able to relax in the shade on the hottest day of the year so far.

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