The Hundred Foot Journey

On the 19th September the Feel Good Fridays group choose to have a relaxing evening at the cinema. As always they wanted to go to the Peckham Plex as the tickets are only £5 :-). The film they went to see was ‘The Hundred Foot Journey’.

This film is about a young talented chef called Hassan (Manish Dayal) who is forced to relocate with his family from his home in India to a peaceful hamlet in Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val in the south of France.His Papa (Om Puri) decides to open an Indian restaurant in the village determined to give his new neighbors a little taste of home, and names it Maison Mumbai. Meanwhile, across the street at the traditional French restaurant Le Saule Pleureu, uptight proprietor Madame Mallory (Helen Mirren) doesn’t exactly welcome the competition. When Madame Mallory ignites a bitter feud that quickly escalates, the only hope for a peaceful resolution lies in Hassan’s talent for French haute cuisine, and his growing affections for Mme. Mallory’s pretty young sous chef Marguerite (Charlotte Le Bon). Very impressed by Hassan’s undeniable culinary talents, Mme. Mallory agrees to become Hassan’s mentor, in the process providing the perfect creative environment where his unique fusion cuisine can thrive.

After the film I asked the group what they thought of the film. This is what they said:

“All the food in the film has made me hungry”

“Hassan’s papa made me laugh when he kept playing his music loud”

“I thought it was funny”

“The young female chef was pretty”

“I liked it”

” I want to go to the place in France where it was filmed, it was very pretty” 

Cottage Pie

The weather is beginning to change and Autumn will soon be upon us so it is time to start thinking about what meals we can make to keep us warm on cold days.

The group decided on a comforting cottage pie, which incorporates lots of vegetables.

First we peeled and chopped potato and sweet potato for the topping, and chopped onion and carrot.

We then fried the onion and carrot with some garlic and added the mince.
Once the mince was browned off we added beef stock, seasoning, garden peas and sweetcorn. We let this simmer whilst the potatoes were boiling.
We mashed the sweet potato and potato together to create the topping of our cottage pie.
Once the mince had simmered for a few minutes we put it in a dish and topped with the potato mix. We then baked this in the oven for half an hour.
We had the cottage pie with broccoli on the side.
Everyone really enjoyed the cottage pie and loved the sweet potato added to the mash. Everyone agreed that this dish is a great way to incorporate vegetables into a meal and would be a great winter warmer on a cold day.

Made 2 Dance – Summer of perfromances

Made 2 Dance had a great summer of performing

We kicked started the performances with our involvement with Big Dance Festival with an exciting project that involved us performing as part of the Routes To The River which was commissioned by Sioibhan Davies

Routes the the River was a playful journey of performances from Siobhan Davies to the Southbank Centre as part of Big Dance 2014 on Sunday 13th July. Audiences were provided with a specially illustrated map and led along a winding route through spaces and discreet spaces around the gardens at Kennington Park. The audience met various dance groups around the site specific promenade that explored water and our relation to it and the patterns it creates. The piece was choreographed by Henriatta Hale and the audience were invited to contribute to Your Move, Siobhan Davies Dance photoblog – please click performance here for more info

Brighton Day Trip

On Saturday 6th August the Feel Good Fridays group went to Brighton for the day. 

The group caught the train to Brighton from East Croydon

When we arrived in Brighton the group decided to head straight to the sea front. On the way we spotted the White Stuff Shop (Rathbone’s Sponsor) and decided to get a photo outside.
 There was lots of great attractions to see along the sea front. 

Including a GIANT ice-cream, unfortunately it was made of plastic.
We found a lovely spot along the sea front to eat our lunch. Some of  the group brought along a packed lunch whilst others decided to buy fish and chips. 

After lunch the group wanted to have a look around the shops and see the giant doughnut. 
The group then encountered the Brighton Sea Monster!

We couldn’t make a trip to Brighton without visiting their spectacular pier.
Some of the ladies played on the 2p machines in the amusements room on the pier.

The group decided to finish the trip off with relaxing in the grounds of the beautiful Royal Pavilion.

28 August 2014 – The last day of August

Cutting the tape.
Not some grand opening, just training the tomatoes

Yellow raspberries, ripe & sweet

This was Ryan’s last day and Sheila’s last day as a volunteer.
A good excuse for a barbecue.

Meanwhile, someone has to keep on weeding

The top bed

Digesting. Cheers.

Back to work creating a new raised bed

hard work but finished in an hour 

ready for some brassica seedlings

safe from the pigeons and slugs.

21 August 2014 – An uncertain day

What should we do?

Compost bin being turned upside down. Good result look out for the worms

Amazing! more potatoes to be pulled out 

Collecting manure for the plot

This is royal mews manure – lot of straw....
A big tomato reddening under the camera

Weed free it would be

No weeds left and lets enjoy the sun while it lasts

The bed after a good dig and weed free

The sky was menacing we rushed to the community room, just in time to avoid the rain.

                              Sorry, we have not introduced our special volunteer student,                    Welcome and Thank you Ryan for your hard work.
                                      Last week some members of the group talked about dominoes, and …
out they came with coffee and biscuits

A serious business

The winner would get to share …

Actually the winner, Ryan, left empty ended. 
We shared our harvest with the food bank.