Arts Award – Our Inspiration

The group were asked to do some research about the people that have inspired them creatively. Tonight some members shared who their inspirations are and why.

This young person chose the dance group Diversity and was inspired by their talent and the positive values of the group.
The group put a lot of hard work into their research and will build on the information they have collected week by week.

Raspberry Swiss roll

First we combined 3 eggs with 75g of caster sugar.

We then folded in 75g of self raising flour.
We then spread the mixture onto some grease proof paper .
This then went in the oven at 200 ° c for 7-10 minutes or until lightly brown and springy to the touch.
We then turned out the cooked sponge on another bit of greaseproof paper and spread raspberry jam and fresh raspberries on the sponge.
We then rolled it up and decorated with icing sugar.
The group were really proud of how this turned out. One member said that it felt really good to make the dessert from scratch and that they felt it was something they could make at home for their family.