Catering Experience

For the past few weeks the cooking group have been extremely busy catering for several events, including the Rathbone’s first ever open AGM.
This has been a great experience for the group, providing them with a fantastic challenge and opportunity for work experience in a professional environment.

The group were involved in the whole process from the food prep to baking the cakes and putting all the sandwich variety’s together.
As you can see the group worked efficiently and professionally all the while learning about the do’s and dont’s of catering.
Here is an example of the menu which we provided for an event at the west norwood leisure center, which was really well received!
Not only did the group make all the food but they professionally packaged it and delivered to the various events, following the whole process from start to finish.
Overall the whole group are really proud of their acheivements over the past few weeks and the feedback from those we have catered for has been consistently positive.
The positve impact on the group has also been notable- One member commented on how much they have learnt and how much more confident they are now. Another member described how good it felt to receive so many compliments about the food they had made.
Hopefully we will continue to work on getting more and more catering experience and build on the groups skills.

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