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Today was our final session for the summer activities dance film project. The young people worked really hard on creating their storyboards and planning how they wanted their dance film to look. They directed Owa who had supported the young people to capture their vision since the start of the project. We created a performance space within the studio by using the lighting and a smoke machine which gave the film a softer overall look. The group were split into three different groups and they each had a slotted time to perform their dance and go through their storyboard ensuring that all camera angles and movements were covered. They also took it in turns to have a look at what was being filmed and worked really hard on directing Owa.

The next step is for the young people to receive their AQA certificates and Owa will be working hard to edit their work which will then be premiered at the Lost Theatre for Rathbone annual dance showcase.





Summer Dance Film Project

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Rathbone received a grant from Lambeth Youth Coop as part of the New Skill funding for summer activities for young people. The project is run by Diverse Dance Studios and Owa Baru a film maker.

The project is an integrated dance project for young people to learn how to choreograph dance especially for the camera. The dancers are learning a lot of new useful tools on how to direct and move a camera, how to create choreography especially for dance, creating a storyboard, perform, planning and analysing dance films.

On Mondays sessions we looked at creating very simple movement from the spin and using contact improvisation, we then worked on another structured improvisation task which the dancers le really enjoyed which was called ‘tapping.’ The dancers had to be either the tapper or the dancer, the tapper would pick a body part on the dancer and the dancer had to respond to the touch, they could either go towards the tap or away from the tap. This was a lot of fun!!!

We watched some dance films to get an idea of how improvisation is used in dance films and also discussed how the choreography was especially adapted for the camera and how using close up really portray emotions more that what dance on a stage would convey.

The second part of the session we looked at the dancers becoming the camera and looking at how different angels can change the movement we were seeing. On Wednesdays session Owa joined us with his equipment and we looked at some more films which demonstrated all the difference camera angels – mid shots, close ups, panning, following the movement, panoramic, long shots and so on. The group then worked with Owa and directed him on how to use the camera. We had a lot of fun experimenting and even filmed a few shots to have a look at them on Monday.


The project will be working towards creating a film which will be premiered at the Rathbone and Diverse Dance show case on the 28th November at The Lost Theatre, more information on tickets availability will be coming soon.


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