City Pitch

Meeting Levi Roots
It was awesome meeting Levi Roots!

Wow what a night we had at City Hall.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with City Pitch, it gives young Londoners the opportunity to pitch their community project ideas in a dragon dens style event. This would enable us to secure some funding for our truly inspirational 50/50 Project, an idea put together by our Youth Management Team.  The idea being,  an upskilling project where any funding secured will be split 50/50 between the boys Bike Maintenance project and the girls, Beauty Therapy project.

11 of us started out on this project, however, due to over commitments on the night it was left down to 5 of us, (shock, horror!) to deliver the pitch! It was hard work learning new lines on the train to City Hall but I gotta say, we were fairly confident that we could do this.

The PitchIf you’ve ever been to City Hall, you will know that security is tight and we had to go through airport style security before we could actually get into City Hall, time was running out and we were cutting it fine. As soon as we got past security we were over the moon and so excited to meet with Levi Roots who was comparing the evening events.    He was great and soon put us at ease, sharing stories from his time on Dragons Den and giving us his secret tips and advice (which sorry can’t tell you it’s a secret).

We did it!! Congratulations to all the other winners too!

The cheque

It was show time, remember we had minimal rehearsal time plus the nerves we’re kicking in, we started off really shaky for the 1st minute or two, but then we found our stride and we gave a confident presentation of the 50/50 project.  We got a large applause at the end (I think they liked the idea!)

After what seemed hours, when in fact was only a few minutes, the judges returned and we waited anxiously to hear the results.

Get in there! They loved our pitch and as a result we secured £1000 to deliver our 50/50 Project.

IMG_20150924_202908Well done to all of those that took part in what was a great evening.

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