Christmas celebrations and Bzz Garage

peacock  ViviLnk

The Gardening Group went to Kew Gardens to see the Christmas lights in December. They were amazing, some of the trees were singing!

ViviLnk  ViviLnk

We had our Christmas dinner at Abbevilles Restaurant in Clapham on December 18th. It was a delicious meal and everyone enjoyed themselves.

xmas meal 2  xmas meal 1

We have been helping with the Bzz Grage at West Norwood bus station again, weeding and planting more fruit trees and bushes. We usually meet up there on a Sunday morning with the rest of the Open Orchard group. They have donated some fruit trees for the allotment, which we are going to plant in March.

ViviLnk  ViviLnk



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