Recognising Positive Youth

These days negative press on the youth is everywhere however if we look on our door step we can see evidence of positive youth making a positive contribution to their local communities.


This positive impact does not go unnoticed at the Old Library. As part of the Jack Petchey Achievement Award Scheme we hIMG_4209ave been recognising the positive contribution our young people make to the youth club, the positive impact on their peers and the positive contributions they make to the local community.


Since the introduction of the Jack Petchey Achievement Award Scheme at the centre in October 2015 we have recognised the effort, endeavour and achievement of 4 young people engaging in our youth programmes. We have celebrated young people’s achievements in ‘positive IMG_20160429_201616engagement with peers’ recognising Summer’s great motivational abilities and her willingness to support her peers. ‘Positive contribution to fundraising’ recognising Luca’s confidence and public speaking abilities which have led to the youth group receiving grants from Santander, London Youth and YLC. ‘Positive contribution to the youth club environment’, recognising Laurie’s friendly and positive attitude at youth club. ‘Positive contribution to youth empowerment’ recognising Michaela’s contribution to youth led initiatives such as the Youth Management Team, TBW Girls Group and always being willing to speak up for the needs of others.


Through the Jack Petchey Achievement Award Scheme we hope to continue to recognised and celebrate young people in a positive light. Watch this space for future award winners!!!


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