Harvest Time

Digging the ground ready to plant broad beans
Thinning out carrots

After a busy season of sowing, watering and weeding our crops the group have been able to share some delicious fresh fruit and veg.

Getting the pond ready

Flaming June!

Clearing out drowned weeds to add to the compost

We’ve only had a couple of sunny Saturdays as the weather has been very wet.  Everyone worked very hard and we dug and prepared beds and planted tomatoes and Jerusalem artichokes.

Watering the artichokes


Everybody busy
Tiny tomatoes
Roll out the barrel!
Working together



Back to work


The rain made everything grow, especially the grass and weeds.  We strimmed, dug, weeded and topped up beds with compost, then we were ready to plant.  So far leeks, shallots, french beans, courgettes and an aubergine have gone in.  The bean bed is surrounded with copper wire mesh to ward off slugs as metaldehyde pellets are banned at the allotment.

20.4.19 Spring Blossom

Cherry and quince trees


The gardeners were lucky to have beautiful sunny weather over the Easter bank holiday. All our fruit trees are in blossom, the cherry will need netting to keep the birds from taking all our crop.

There is plenty of work to do, knee-high grass and weeds everywhere, so much digging.  The hot weather has made the soil very hard!  

You have to start somewhere







Cutting the grass


One bed dug

Christmas celebrations

The gardening group got together at Abbeville’s restaurant in Clapham for our annual Christmas lunch.


If times get harder we’ll have the squash we grew in 2017 for Christmas next year!

Delicious food and good company. Abbeville’s restaurant is run by First Steps Trust and is mainly staffed by people with learning disabilities