Brighton Day Trip

On Saturday 6th August the Feel Good Fridays group went to Brighton for the day. 

The group caught the train to Brighton from East Croydon

When we arrived in Brighton the group decided to head straight to the sea front. On the way we spotted the White Stuff Shop (Rathbone’s Sponsor) and decided to get a photo outside.
 There was lots of great attractions to see along the sea front. 

Including a GIANT ice-cream, unfortunately it was made of plastic.
We found a lovely spot along the sea front to eat our lunch. Some of  the group brought along a packed lunch whilst others decided to buy fish and chips. 

After lunch the group wanted to have a look around the shops and see the giant doughnut. 
The group then encountered the Brighton Sea Monster!

We couldn’t make a trip to Brighton without visiting their spectacular pier.
Some of the ladies played on the 2p machines in the amusements room on the pier.

The group decided to finish the trip off with relaxing in the grounds of the beautiful Royal Pavilion.

Rathbone BBQ

This Friday the Feel Good Fridays group attended the annual Rathbone BBQ

It was a lovely opportunity for group to socialise with other service users and support staff from Rathbone

Lots of family and friends were also brought along to enjoy the event.

There was a few seconds of light rain but then luckily it disappeared and stayed warm and sunny throughout the rest of evening.

There was a selection of tasty salads, burgers, sausages, chicken and drinks on offer to enjoy.

 Many of us went up for seconds!

It was well turned out and everyone had a really great time. 

The group is now going to take short break for the summer holidays and will resume back at the end of August with a planned day trip to Brighton. 

Kiss Me Hardy

This week the group wanted to go for a picnic in the park but sadly the weather turned very wet so they decided to visit one of their favourite restaurant instead, Kiss Me Hardy in Colliers Wood. 
Kiss Me Hardy, Colliers Wood
Kiss Me Hardy is a family friendly pub who offer a great range of delicious food including their famous 2 for £10 meal range. 

One of the most popular choices amongst the group is the Fish and Chips

They also offer a fantastic dessert selection which was too tempting to resist for some members 🙂 

Everyone appeared very full and satisfied at the end of the night!

Palace Super Bowl

One of our favourite activities is bowling at the Palace Super Bowl in Elephant and Castle. The staff are extremely welcoming and always happy to assist.
Palace Super Bowl, Elephant and Castle 
Sometimes we get a little competitive when bowling but mostly the games are friendly and fun with lots of jokes and giggles. 

After bowling we like to grab some food from their restaurant. In the restaurant they offer a wide selection of tasty food and drink.

Palace Super Bowl restaurant 

Thank You Santander

On Wednesday a few members of the group went along to Santander in Brixton where they met the branch manager and staff who presented them with a cheque to fund the club for a further year.
A few member of the group being presented with a cheque

This Friday we took the cheque along to the club to share the great news with all the other members.
The group posing for a picture with the cheque
Everyone was extremely pleased that their club will be able to continue for a further year!

Thank You Santander!!!

Picnic and Games at Brockwell Park

Feel Good Friday’s Club
This Friday we decided to celebrate the glorious weather by going to Brockwell Park to have a picnic. 
The group having their picnic
Everyone brought along some tasty food to share around. 
More pictures of the group eating their picnic food

After the picnic we all headed down to the grass to play some games, and relax in the sun. 
Parachute games in Brockwell Park
It was a really great evening with lots of jokes and giggles.

Trip to South Bank

South Bank, London
This Friday the group decided to head down to South Bank to enjoy the sunny weather and to see some of the attractions they have to offer.  

The group at South Bank, London
We took a lovely walk along the bank stopping to watch the brilliant street performers and to grab some food from one of the café

This week we also took a vote to change the name of the club from the ‘Over 25’s Group’ to something we felt described the group a little better. It was a unanimous vote and the winner for the new name is……………………..

 ‘Feel Good Friday’s’ 

We think that this name reflects the club really well as our meet ups are all about getting together with friends, having a great time and FEELING GOOD! 

30th Anniversary of the National Volunteers’ week 2014

To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the National Volunteers weeks we would like to say a very BIG thank you to our fantastic volunteer for giving up her time to support our group. 
The Over 25’s Group volunteer
She will be taking a short break over the summer to study for her nursing exams, we would like to wish her all the best in these and look forward to seeing her again this September!

Evening out to the PECKHAMPLEX cinema

This Friday the group choose to go to the PECKHAMPLEX cinema to see ‘The Other Women’ staring Cemeron Diaz, Leslie Mann, Kate Upton, Nikolaj Coster-Walkdau, Nivki Minaj, Taylor Kinney and Don Johnson.

Before the film started the group brought some tasty snacks from the confectionery counter, the hot dogs seemed to be a popular choice.
‘The Other Women’ is about a women (Cameron Diaz) who tries to get her ruined life back on tract after discovering that her boyfriend is married. But when she accidentally meets the wife he’s been cheating on (Leslie Mann), she realises they have much more in common, and her sworn enemy becomes her greatest friend. When yet another affair is discovered (Kate Upton), all three women team up to plot mutual revenge. 

Posing for a picture before the film started 

After I spoke to the group to find out what they thought of the film, this is what they said: 
Very Funny”
“I like the part in the restaurant when the women put a laxative in his water”  
“It was brilliant”
“I enjoyed it, it was good”
“I liked it”
“It was good. my favourite bit was at the end when the man goes crazy and falls through the glass wall”
“It was funny”
“I thought is was funny when he had to wear the red trousers home from the restaurant”
“Really funny”
The group together outside screen 5 

Windmill Gateway Club May Dance

On Saturday 17th May the Friday group attended the Windmill Gateway’s May Dance. We attended last year’s dance and everyone said they really enjoyed themselves, so when the group heard that it was going to be happening again they wanted to go.

Just like last year there was great music, tasty food, an exciting raffle and LOTS of dancing!! This year there was also the added bonus of lovely sunshine and warm weather. It was lovely to see some familiar faces as well as getting to meet some new ones. Everyone appeared to have brilliant time and said they looked forward to next year’s event.