Poppy seed bread sausage casserole and banana split

Okay, so you came early…and thought you could sit down chill out watch TV?


What do we have in the cupboard? Lets get to work…..

Yeast, sugar, self-raising flour, poppy seeds, salt, milk and water.

DSCN1538 DSCN1539

Kneaded and left to rise…..


Then we Rolled out and twisted it, and before the shoppers even got back…..

The smell of fresh bread was floating in the air…..

DSCN1542 DSCN1545

Let’s get cooking…..

We honey fried the sausages and onions (Yes, honey fried. trust us on this)…..

DSCN1553 DSCN1552

And then all the veg into the gravy and sausages in while the potatoes and sweet potatoes where being roughly smashed…..

DSCN1556 DSCN1558

And just when you thought it was all over…..


Lamb koftas with courgette and asparagus salad

First we prepared the lamb koftas by mixing lamb mince, finely chopped onions, fresh mint and coriander, paprika and ground spice.

We then split the mixture into same size balls and rolled them into small sausage shapes. These then went in the oven and cookies for about half an hour.
For the cougette and asparagus salad we sliced the courgette and grilled and we boiled the asparagus. We also boiled some broad beans to add.
We then mixed this all together with fresh rocket and Spinage. Then dressed the salad with lemon juice, olive oil, salt, pepper.
We served with warm pitta bread and a yoghurt and cucumber dip.

Fish Chowder

This week we wanted to cook something different, something which we had never tried before. One of the group members found a recipe for fish chowder and everyone agreed it would be great to try.

We started out by sweating down some chopped leeks in a large pan with a little oil.
We also added potatoes which had been cut into similar sized chunks. We then poured in enough fish stock to cover the vegetables and let the potatoes cook until soft:

We added seasoning and with a slotted spoon removed half of the vegetables and put them aside. With the remaining vegetables and stock we added milk and blended the mixture until smooth to create a creamy texture.
We then put the cooked vegetables back in and added chunks of salmon and cod and  a couple of tins of sweet corn. After a few minutes the fish was cooked so we took the chowder off the heat to stir in some single cream.
We then served with parsley to garnish and some fresh bread.
Even those who were a bit dubious about trying this recipe found it to be really tasty. It is definitely something which we can make again with other types of fish and seafood.