Volunteer’s inspires our young people

Rathbone Youth Club has been running for about 30 years and over the years we have see seen our young people grow into adults. So much so that Rathbone has continued to work with those in the Over 25’s group. Rathbone has created close friendships and relationship within the youth clubs and we did not want to see disapper hence opening the over 25 group which meets on a Friday night. Rathbone also now has a Volunteer co-ordinator who works with those wanting to gain experience in various projects and setting within our organisation.For more information visit Rathbone’s website. Two of the over 25 group who both have learning disabilities expressed an interest in volunteering within a youth club seeting, both of them attended the youth club when they were much younger and have been a great asset to both the Tuesday and Thursday Youth Club teams. Through their supervisions with the Volunteer co-oridnator they expressed wanting to gain more qualifications that could boraden their volunteer expeiences and have both gained a Level 2 in food hygiene. They worked really hard on gaining this certifcate so well done!!!! This will come in useful when next term theYouth Club will be concentrating on healthy eating and cooking. Both volunteers are great role models to the young people and we hope they inspire them to take up volunteer and work experience in the near future.

Smiles all around :)))))

Last Thursday the group had a wonderful trip to namco which is based at County Hall on the beautiful Southbank.Namco Station offers a huge amount of entertainment over three floors!
There are 12 lanes of Techno Bowling – for which you can bowl in your own shoes! There is also the spy mission-themed Laser Maze, an exciting race against time to find the targets, dodge the lasers and get out still looking smooth. They also have a bumper cars and plenty of other games and treats and prizes to be won! We started of with a really long but great bumper car session with pumping music that got all the young people ready and rearing to go. We then followed this up with some bowling alley which flashed with neon colours and for every stike that the young person got they recieved some tokens which can be put towards an array of prizes.This was soon folowed by some races on some very high tech car, even the seats were moving and you crashed into the corners. We eneded the session a little late as the young people were having soooo much fun. As we walked along the Southbank in a beautiful orange sky we made our way back to the bus and was taken home. The young people LOVED Namco and was the first time they had ever been they said they would like to return again.So big smiles all around :))))))

Mood Perfromance

Rathbone’s 13-18 year old group worked today with one of Rathbones Drama Therapist Youth Worker.The young people enjoyed the movement based warm up to get them in the mood follwed by duck duck gooes which is the groups favourite. The young people worked through their story board to create a longer more substanstial piece of work. The young people are slowly making their way through the Drama AQA’s and will be getting a certificate.

Drama related to emotions – showed there group pieces which looked at scred, excited, happy and disaapointed. The group had to then guess what emtotion they were acting out. There were some real eye opening and great perfromances from the group. The scared emotion was paticulary played out very well and got the audience in a real state of shock.

Creating a london bus scene

End of session feedback time

Heating up the bowling alleys

Rathbone got a call to say the halls heating had gone. So to the youth club members surprise we took them bowling. They were all very excited about the trip out in the local community and on the way to elephant and castle bowling the were all discussing who was going to win. Once we got there we took over two lanes and many of them managed to get a strike and put the youth workers scores to shame!!!!


Last week during the half term holiday Rathbone went on a trip to Catford Broadway Theatre to see The Wizard of Oz, Pantomime style version created by Blue Star productions. We met at Rathbone Office is West Norwood and made our way to Catford. It was a bitterly cold day but the group were in good spirits and looking forward to a trip to the theatre. We managed to get a quick bite to eat and made our way to our seats. The theatre was full of other schools and youth groups cheering and singing along to the music. Rathbone got involved with the singing at the start and also got involved with the hissing and booing of the wicked witch of the west. The Lion, Tin Man, Dorothy and Scarecrow made their way to the Wizard of Oz with some great choreography and use of lighting. The production really inspired the group and many of them want to return back to the theatre in the next half term.

Update from Youth Group

Today the group enjoyed making Valentines for their loved ones, they made some very special cards, I hope the recipients appreiciate their massive efforts. The tuck shop was in full swing as usual and they are all working hard to turning that money into profits to buy some more games or trips for the youth club. After the tuck was closed one of the Youth club workers led a workshop and discussion on bullying. The group discussed different types of bullying and identifying when it happens and how and who to report it to. After the discussion the group all enjoyed making pancakes!!!!!! The group managed to weighed their ingredients and took it in turns to flip their pancakes. Some members created some wonderful toppings. Next week is half term and the group are looking forward to a trip to Broadway Theatre in Catford to see the Wizard of Oz!!!!


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