Disability and Inclusion

This page is designed to give you information and advice on gardening for people who may have a disability or be socially excluded and is considering, or is already, gardening.

It will be updated as the project develops to reflect the specific needs of the people attending the project.

Mobility and Access

The allotment is not an easy place to get around as there are lumps and bumps on pathways and unexpected width changes in the paths themselves, making navigating difficult. One way to approach this was to show the person who found it difficult to navigate around the paths alternatives, and ensuring they are informed on any difficult area’s and know there is an alternative or there is to be a change made (flattening a bump for example) to the hazard.

In terms of mobility on the plot itself, one person attending finds it difficult to bend. We will be building a raised bed to ensure that they can access the area which they will be growing upon easily, and working with her to ensure she ‘warms up’ so any bending she doe’s do will not strain or injure her.

Thrive’s website gives some good information on this;

General gardening tips for people with disabilites

Thrive have also produced this website regarding tips for gardening for people with disabilities;

Also, misc information…

Animal visitor identification…