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Diverse Dance Studios

Diverse Dance Studios is an Educational Dance Company specializing in choreography and performance. Diverse Dance Studios began as an alternative Saturday School. Apposed to the regular Saturday Dance School techniques of Ballet and Tap, Diverse was inspired to teach a different syllabus where students study the techniques of Contemporary and Street Dance. Students are grounded with a good Contemporary technique which provides them with stability, strength and agility. Students then learn how these skills can be transferred onto different styles and how a good technique will support them in their development as a dancer.
Diverse Dance Studios aim is to produce strong, individual dancers who are confident in their technique and understand their own unique body. Diverse realises that each dancer has a different structural and muscular make up and therefore requires a slightly different teaching method and pace. Diverse Dance Studios was founded to support all dancers and to celebrate the diversity of people, styles and techniques. Diverse aims to prove that all the differences in the world can unite through dance.





Andrea Gerrett trained in Contemporary Dance techniques and specializes in Choreography. Andrea’s main focus of training was Humphrey and Cunningham techniques; her teaching style is precise and concentrates on the use of breath and space.Andrea is a key figure of Community Dance in South London, as well as developing projects for Diverse Dance Studios; Andrea works in partnership with many different companies and charities to develop relationships between Dance and the community. Andrea has a passion for working with people with learning difficulties and disabilities and her work in this community has produced a number of inspiring projects. Andrea has recently gained the title of Participation Officer for Corali Dance Company, one of the leading disabled dance companies in London.






Natalia is a dance artist and practitioner – who has experience of over 7 years in facilitating dance in a  range of environments.

Having trained commercially in forms such as Hip Hop, Latin American and Lindy Hop – Natalia progressed to a BA (Hons) in Performance: Dance with emphasis on release technique, African & Afro-contemporary, choreography and performance politics. She has worked as a performer for various choreographers based in London – then concentrated on making her own dance theatre with emphasis on collaboration when she relocated to Barcelona in 2010.  As part of Gracia Arts Project in Spain and now, having returned to London as Company Co-odinator for East London Dance – Natalia is expanding her experience of dance management, event coordination and gaining an insight in producing dance.


Having plentiful experience of delivering inclusive dance to diverse people – Natalia believes that dance should be accessed and enjoyed by everyone regardless of ability or age. She has worked in primary and secondary school settings as well as teaching for bespoke community projects & for charities across the UK.  Natalia specializes in facilitating street dance and hip hop sessions – which promote physicality and allows her students to take ownership of choreographic elements.  She also delivers release based techniques and West african dance sessions.