Detached & Street-based Youth Work

Detached Youth Work

Rathbone Youth Services deliver ‘Detached’ and street-based youth work across the three wards in the Norwood Locality: Knights Hill, Gypsy Hill and Thurlow Park.

The Detached Youth Work team aims to meet young people in places where they spend most of their time – whether in the local park, on the high street, on local estate blocks or at the bus stop. The team represents a friendly and trusted face, offering advice and support where needed. Previously, the team has played a core role in breaking up violent interactions and ensuring the physical safety of those involved.

We live in a social climate where young people are often hesitant to approach the police in times of need, due to fear or lack of trust. The presence of police can often have the opposite to desired effect, further escalating a situation. The unofficial authority of youth workers can be very effective in de-escalation.

The team also connects young people to their local youth clubs and other local youth programmes. By referring young people with particular needs to their local youth provisions, our detached youth work teams can ensure that individuals gain access to the support they need.

In the past, the Detached Youth Work team have worked in partnership with Fulham FFC, Big Kid Foundation, Ashdon Jazz Academy and the local Salvation Army to roll out street based youth work in the Norwood locality, helping young people stay safe and diffusing any high-tension or dangerous situations.