Inspiring Learning

Inspiring Learning

Rathbone’s Educational Mentoring Programme helps young people from disadvantaged backgrounds aged 11-19. The project runs on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 4:30 – 8pm.

Our vision is for our young people to be supported to realise their potential. With the help of committed Volunteer Learning Mentors providing homework/revision support and acting as role models, we aim to bridge the aspirations-attainment gap. Linking young people with inspirational Learning Mentors will boost the young people’s confidence, educational attainment, self-efficacy and long-term employability.

The Project is led by our Youth Engagement Officer who with local schools to identify young people from low income families and at risk of becoming disaffected with learning. We offer them ring-fenced places in the programme for up to one academic year. The Youth Engagement Officer works closely with parents, carers, and schools to promote and sustain effective engagement of young people in their education.

Thanks to funding from Winn & Coales (Denso) Ltd through the Walcot Foundation, Rathbone Youth Service is able to provide a homework, study support & mentoring service for young people across the Norwood locality.

Role of Learning Mentors

Learning Mentors help underachieving young people overcome barriers to learning. The aim is to transform young people’s attitudes towards school, improve engagement with school, improve study skills, and help them gain confidence so they achieve their full potential.

How it Works

We recruit local people to volunteer as Learning Mentors. All our mentors are DBS checked. We ask all our learning mentors to commit to working with the young person for at least one hour each week (excluding travel time) for a period of at least 6 months.  Mentoring takes place between 4:30 – 8pm at Rathbone Youth Club in The Old Library. Learning Mentors choose a subject and year group they feel comfortable with. Mentoring usually focuses on one subject, this allows the Mentor to prepare and familiarise themselves with the subject and for the young person to make tangible progress in a given subject.

Thanks to funding from Denso, through the Walcot Foundation, Rathbone youth service are able to provide a homework, study support & mentoring service for young people across the Norwood Locality.

This includes regular one-to-one sessions between a young person and a volunteer Tutor to complete homework and to prepare for GCSE exams. Our Inspiring Learning Programme provides the opportunity for a young person to build a relationship with a trusted adult in a less formal setting, such as the youth club.

If you are interested in volunteering some of your time to become part of this inspiring project, or would like to find out more, please email Ibtisam Adem on  or call 020 8766 9289