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Our Aim – Theory of Change – The Youth Journey of Change

Our Aim:  “Young people are able to make informed choices that enable them to reach their individual potential and lead fulfilling lives”.

We wish to have confidence that our youth work, project design and interventions are having a real impact on the life chances of the youngchange people we work with.  As with all youth clubs, we face a number of challenges in trying to address the needs of the young people who attend our services.  As an inner London youth club we also face some of the location related challenges such as gang activity, youth violence, sexual exploitation and drugs.

Additionally, we have been working over the past year to develop and offer an integrated service catering to the needs of all young people including those with disabilities, learning disabilities and Autism.  This means that we have a core aim of ensuring that our service design and interventions can be tailored to meet the needs of all of our attendees, even if some of them are participating at differing levels.