Stronger Minds

The Stronger Minds programme has been developed by a partnership of Lambeth voluntary sector organisations and local young people who have been trained as Peer Facilitators.

Stronger Minds is built around evidence-based theories and techniques to help young people build protective factors to manage complex thoughts and feelings, focus on goals and pursue healthy relationships in real life and on line. It’s informed by local knowledge of specific issues facing many young people in Lambeth.

Motivation: commitment to a meaningful cause and adopting a problem-solving approach

Faith, Religion and Spirituality: you can reap benefits even when you don’t have a particular faith or belief system

Managing Emotions: understanding feelings and what to do with them, maintaining an even temper and lifting mood

Relationships: recognising how some relationships are healthier than others; curating social media presence to improve mood and employment prospects

Nutrition and Exercise: identifying manageable changes and understanding that a small difference makes a big change