Coronavirus – Covid 19

As a result of the Coronavirus – Covid 19 pandemic, Rathbone will be making some changes to the way we deliver our services.  These changes are as a response to the guidelines produced by the government.

Our services will adapt to the need for people to ‘stay at home’, ‘self-isolate’ and ‘avoid social gatherings’.  We also need to adapt to the fact that we have many staff off sick at the moment.

All services which included people coming together are suspended, such as drop-in sessions, youth clubs etc.

We will not be cancelling anyone’s support service.  We will however be prioritising services and people’s needs.  Your support will be different to usual.  We will negotiate this with you.

Our staff will need to give people advice according to government guidelines – this will include recommending you stay at home.  We can help with getting shopping and medicines for you.

The next few weeks are going to be a challenging time for everyone.  We are all going to need to be flexible and make compromises.  Rathbone staff are doing a fantastic job and working hard to make sure we can help everyone who needs it.  Please be patient and respectful to our staff.

Please continue to follow the guidelines, stay at home and stay safe.

Thanks from all the team at Rathbone.