Youth Voice

Youth Management Teams

Rathbone youth services are shaped by the effective contributions from our young people. Our YMT’s are the way in which young people are able to share their interests, needs, and perspectives in decisions that affect their engagement with and outcomes gained through youth programmes.

We believe young people being able to express their voices, and be listened to, requires a platform to support this, which directly results in the positive shaping of youth services, and leads to empowerment, a sense of belonging and feeling valued.

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Both Old Library and Central Hill Youth Hubs have YMTs.

Quarterly, usually during the half-term break, both YMTs come together to share ideas and discuss organisational changes. During this meeting young people focus on a relevant and topical issue, decided by young people and any new developments taking place within Rathbone Youth Service or the wider organisation. Recent topics have included social media, local issues of violent crime and fundraising.